IWA Develops Range of Resources to Help Tackle Himalayan Balsam

IWA Develops Range of Resources to Help Tackle Himalayan Balsam

27 May 2015

Following an Awareness Week organised by IWA a range of resources has been launched to help raise awareness of the invasive species, Himalayan Balsam, so that this problem plant, which is a threat to the waterways, can be better recorded and controlled.

IWA’s Himalayan Balsam resources are designed to help the public identify and learn more about the plant, not only so that it can be spotted and recorded but also so people can better understand the problems it causes by damaging habitats and contributing to bank erosion. IWA has put together a fact sheet, leaflet, infographic and blog, in addition to further information on IWA’s website. The variety of material available means there is something to help everyone whether an individual wants to find out more or a group wants something to hand out at Himalayan Balsam work parties.

IWA believes that increasing people’s awareness of the plant and the problems it causes will lead to greater recording, less accidental spreading and more active involvement in tackling Himalayan Balsam. IWA branches across the country are helping to further encourage involvement in removing the invasive species by holding and supporting a number of work parties, mainly taking place in June and July. This year IWA branches currently have planned or are supporting Himalayan Balsam work parties at fifteen locations on ten waterways, all of which the public can get involved with to help remove Himalayan Balsam. Full details for each event are available at IWA's website.

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