CRT Announces Plans for Winter Moorings in 2015/16

CRT Announces Plans for Winter Moorings in 2015/16

09 July 2015

CRT has announced its winter mooring plans for 2015/16. The Trust has said it hopes to offer winter moorings at a selection of visitor moorings and towpath sites across the country that are intended to support the continuous cruising lifestyle and meet the needs of those boaters who want to keep their craft in one place during winter months.

Boaters will be able to book winter moorings for anything from one to four months between the start of November and the end of February. Moorings will be charged at a ‘per metre, per month’ rate. A draft list of the proposed winter mooring sites can be found at CRT’s website.
Both continuous cruisers and boaters with a home mooring will be able to take up a winter mooring.  However boaters who are not meeting their licence requirements may not be eligible. Bookings for the winter moorings will open on 1st October 2015, and can be made through the CRT’s boat licensing site. Boaters should register on the site before 1st October.

Boaters should note that CRT has decided not to offer winter moorings in central London where feedback from some boaters suggested it would be fairer to maximise all boaters’ opportunities to share the space available. Winter moorings will be available in Greater London.

Photo: Winter above Grindley Brook, Llangollen Canal - Alan Wilding

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