CRT to Install Fence at Marple Aqueduct

CRT to Install Fence at Marple Aqueduct

15 July 2015

CRT has announced that it intends to install a fence along the offside of Marple Aqueduct following its consultation on the issue but contrary to IWA’s suggestions.

The majority of responses to the consultation, including IWA’s, expressed concerns over the proposals. IWA disagreed with the installation of a fence, believing that it could give the impression that it was ok to access the offside making it more dangerous. Instead, IWA suggested that if additional safety measures were necessary, alternatives such as better signage and/or alteration of the offside surface, so that it looks more like an out of bounds area, should be utilised. Despite this CRT believes that the safety risks are too great to decide against installation of a fence, citing reported incidents and anecdotal reports of near misses at Marple Aqueduct in recent years. In addition, CRT has argued that its investment in the aqueduct will attract more visitors to the area, which will increase the risk of a fatal fall occurring.

IWA hopes that CRT will therefore address its and others concerns around the design of the fence, which should be as sympathetic as possible to the Grade I Listed aqueduct. In addition, the positioning and material of the fence should be chosen carefully so as not to endager boaters or the view from the aqueduct, more details on IWA’s suggestions can be found in its full consultation response. IWA also urges CRT to ensure that the proposal and installation of fences does not become the default response to safety issues on its aqueducts.

Download and read IWA’s full response to the consultation (PDF, 221KB).

Download and read CRT’s consultation report (PDF, 1.3MB).

Download and read CRT’s response to the consultation results (PDF, 103KB).

Photo: Marple Aqueduct offside

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