IWA’s Himalayan Balsam Campaign Announced as Awards Finalist

IWA’s Himalayan Balsam Campaign Announced as Awards Finalist

20 July 2015

IWA’s Himalayan Balsam Campaign has been announced as one of CRT’s 2015 Living Waterways Awards finalists. The campaign was selected as a finalist by an independent panel of experts that believed it was one of the UK’s most inspiring and exciting waterway-based improvement projects.

The Campaign aims to increase waterway users’ awareness of the invasive species Himalayan Balsam and the damage it does to the waterways and environment; as well as actively limiting the spread of the plant. As part of the project, a variety of useful educational resources have been produced and IWA branches have run and supported volunteer work parties pulling up the problem plant in various waterway locations around the country; all to great affect.

The Association will find out whether it is a winner of the Living Waterways Award category, Natural Environment, at an awards ceremony in October.

A full list of the finalists across all seven categories can be found at CRT’s website.

More information about Himalayan Balsam and IWA’s campaign can be found at IWA’s website.

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