IWA Draft Response to HS2 Consultation and Petition Submission

IWA Draft Response to HS2 Consultation and Petition Submission

18 August 2015

Despite the tight timescale Government allowed, IWA members have read through the very large quantity of information provided in the  Supplementary Environmental Statement on Additional Provision 2 and commented on issues of waterway interest.

The main issues include the realignment of a road along the canal at Fradley, which is better than the three canal crossings removed by following IWA’s original ‘Alternative Route’, however still unnecessary and a potential blight on the canal there. Noise nuisance has not been reduced at all in these additional provisions, and is a major cause of impact at the new Heathrow Express Maintenance Depot close to the Slough Arm of the Grand Union Canal.   Here it affects public recreational users of the tranquil area of canal, as well as boaters both leisure and residential around The Boatyard, Mansion Lane, Iver.

IWA’s draft consultation response briefly describes the impacts in the new proposals, and sets out what we would like to see altered to improve them further, often at little expense or occasionally a small potential saving.

Read IWA's draft consultation response.

If you have any comments, corrections or additions please email us at hs2@waterways.org.uk so we can use them to make our response more effective.

IWA has also submitted a petition on unresolved issues within the latest iteration of the High Speed Rail (London to West Midlands) Bill. The Petition includes amendments for some of the points above as well as replacement mooring and maintenance facilities for the Lichfield Cruising Club at Cappers Lane.

Read the full Petition here.

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