New Boating Arrangements on the Liverpool Link

New Boating Arrangements on the Liverpool Link

09 February 2016

IWA is delighted about the news that the boating arrangements for the Leeds & Liverpool Canal around Liverpool are going to be much more 'boater friendly'.  Following consultation with IWA in 2015, CRT has announced that there is going to be much more flexibility over access into Salthouse Dock through the Pier Head Canal Link.  IWA has stated that the previous system of three 'incoming' days and three 'outgoing' days limited capacity, and flexibility over arrival and departure days, which led to many disappointed boaters unable to make the journey during peak periods.  From 21st March six boats can travel each way along the Link on every day except Tuesdays.

IWA has been actively supporting the development of moorings at Eldonian Village and Vauxhall Canalside Park, so the ability to cruise to the end of the Leeds & Liverpool Canal at the Village without having to book a passage from Aintree is very welcome, particularly as the Eldonian Village Canal Festival from 11th to 12th June 2016 has been designated as IWA's National Campaign Festival for this year. This venue was chosen by IWA to encourage greater leisure activities on this relatively underused part of the Leeds & Liverpool Canal as well as to celebrate the bi-centenary of the waterway. This event will, of course, now be enhanced by the availability of alternative mooring on the main line of the Canal.

IWA believes that allowing boats to have free open access to this stretch of waterway will greatly contribute to the appeal of the area and, with continuing community involvement, will ultimately transform the canal corridor through this urban area making it a pleasant and healthy environment for all to appreciate.

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