IWA to Help Deliver New Canal & River Trust Workboat Plan

IWA to Help Deliver New Canal & River Trust Workboat Plan

10 February 2016

IWA has stepped up to answer a request by Canal & River Trust to supply skilled volunteers to assist with a new approach to the deployment of its workboat fleet.

The Trust, which is reorganising its workboat fleet into a nationally managed resource, has asked IWA to work with its staff to assist with the inspection and moving of craft.  IWA volunteers will provide the necessary knowledge and skills, as well as the national coverage required for the work.

From April 2016 the Trust intends to organise its workboats centrally to co-ordinate the fleet on a more strategic basis, and craft will be ‘hired’ to the regional maintenance and construction teams.  It is hoped that this will lead to more efficient use of the workboats across the Trust’s different teams and by volunteers, such as IWA’s volunteer work parties. The work will also include IWA volunteers monitoring the condition of craft and reporting any potential issues to the Trust which will then be used to develop programmes of repair work.

IWA will be deploying a team of volunteers nationally across the country and National Chairman, Les Etheridge, comments “Our skilled volunteers will enable the Trust to improve its efficiency and effectiveness in deploying and maintaining its workboat fleet, demonstrating once again the value of IWA members and our commitment to making the waterways better for all users."

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