Using Paddle Gears Safely

Using Paddle Gears Safely

30 June 2016

For some time IWA argued against proposals by CRT for installing paddle pawl stops that would prevent the paddle pawl from being completely moved out of the way whilst a paddle is being wound down. 

This issue has been raised locally by IWA branches and nationally through boating forums as IWA was concerned that paddle pawl stops would be included in proposed designs being trialled, and that CRT did not taking into account the safety hazards that would be created by this approach. 

IWA considered that more needed to be done to educate boaters about replacing pawl catches in position after winding a paddle down, using the right windlass hole and not leaving windlasses on spindles once the paddle gear is wound up.   Educating boaters about these three things would reduce the number of accidents so IWA welcomes a video which demonstrated best practice in operating a lock that CRT has produced. 

Watch this video on YouTube.

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