Help us Tackle Invasives on the Cut

Help us Tackle Invasives on the Cut

29 July 2016

Over the past week, we have been running a campaign to help increase awareness, reporting and removal of invasives species that choke up our waterways.

In a survey carried out with our members earlier this year, only 16% of respondents felt well informed about the effect of invasive species on our waterways. 61% underestimated the cost of invasive species to the British economy, and over 60% never Check-Clean-Dry their equipment.

There are lots of easy ways you can support this campaign and help raise awareness:

  • 5 minute pull - spend just five minutes pulling up Himalayan Balsam.  No equipment is required, just pull it up and put it in a pile, stamp on it and send us a photo.  Check our Himalayan Balsam identification guide or see our infographic of Himalayan Balsam anatomy.
  • Look out for invasives - make sure you report them via the PlantTracker app and share a photo where you find them to help raise awareness.  We will also add them to our interactive map.
  • Share our posts - we have been sharing posts through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #CutInvasives. Please keep an eye out and share what you see to help spread the word
  • Share what you see - Take a selfie with your Himalayan Balsam or send us your photos of giant hogweed by tagging your posts with #CutInvasives.  Make sure you geotag posts or let us know where the photo was taken so that we can add them to our interactive invasives map.
  • Check-Clean-Dry your equipment

Join us and take part in #CutInvasives campaign.

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