IWA Welcomes CRT Attempts to Manage Finite London Space

IWA Welcomes CRT Attempts to Manage Finite London Space

25 October 2017

Canal & River Trust wants feedback on their proposals to help make the best possible use of London’s increasingly busy waterspace and improve boaters’ experience of boating in London.  Acknowledging that “London’s waterways are facing a real challenge – that of being almost too popular” CRT has worked with a wide range of stakeholders, surveying boaters, and looking at the capital’s waterways to write their London Mooring Strategy.

IWA’s London Region welcomes the Draft London Mooring Strategy and looks forward to working with CRT to produce a finalised document and an implementation plan.  In particular IWA is pleased to see a commitment to introduce new free short-stay visitor mooring sites and increased monitoring and management of these and existing moorings across the region.  The proposed increase in paid-for pre-bookable moorings will provide boaters with greater peace of mind if they are seeking a guaranteed mooring space when visiting London.  

IWA’s London Region volunteers are also happy to see a commitment to an increase in investment in boating facilities to help meet the needs of the increased number of boats that have arrived in London over recent years and to satisfy the predicted growth in boat numbers.  The proposed new ‘water sport zones’ on the Lee Navigation will help reduce the conflict that can exist between powered craft and the recreational rowing boats and the fine racing boats that use the river.

CRT’s other proposals include: the development of new long-term moorings to be supported and prioritised in quieter/less busy areas (primarily outer London) and the development of long-term moorings from a diverse range of providers, improved provision, maintenance and management of short-stay moorings.

Boaters can take part in the consultation up until 18 December 2017 by completing the consultation survey online or by filling in a paper version of the consultation survey.  The survey is being sent to all boaters the Trust has sighted in London over the past year, either by email or letter depending on the contact details the charity has for them.   

Click here for further details of the London Mooring Strategy, including the proposals and details of events.   IWA’s London Region plans to respond to the Strategy and encourages all boaters to respond privately too.  If you would like your viewpoints to be considered for inclusion in IWA’s response please email IWA’s London Region Chairman, Paul Strudwick (firstname.lastname@waterways.org.uk).

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