Boston Barrier to Go Ahead

Boston Barrier to Go Ahead

15 January 2018

The Transport and Works Act Order (TWAO) for the Boston Barrier received approval early in December, giving the Environment Agency the go-ahead to proceed with the construction and operation of the £100 million flood defence scheme to protect Boston’s homes and businesses from the risk of tidal flooding.

The Order was approved following a public inquiry during which IWA raised a number of concerns including the adverse impact to navigation in the Haven, and missed opportunities to improve and extend navigation in the wider area.

The Inspector’s Report to the Public Inquiry noted IWA’s concerns and recommended that a Navigation Management Plan should be added as a planning condition, which has been incorporated in the TWAO.  Other issues raised by IWA have also been included in the Inspectors Report.  IWA Lincolnshire Branch and East Midlands Region will be involved locally in the development of the Navigation Management Plan.

Construction is due to begin in The Haven (the tidal stretch of the River Witham) in January 2018, and will better protect against tidal surges, such as was seen in December 2013, when over 800 homes and businesses in the Boston area were flooded.

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