IWA’s GapTracker to improve boaters’ facilities

IWA’s GapTracker to improve boaters’ facilities

24 May 2018

In a major drive to improve boaters’ facilities nationwide, The Inland Waterways Association (IWA) is asking for boaters’ help to identify areas on the UK’s canals and rivers where water and waste facilities are absent or inadequate.

The GapTracker campaign will gather evidence over the summer months to build up an accurate picture of boaters’ facilities across the whole waterway network, and IWA is asking boaters to supplement its own research by reporting significant gaps or where a site is in need of major refurbishment.

IWA maintains that basic facilities such as water points, rubbish and sewage disposal should be available at least every five hours cruising time, and the Association intends to take its findings to navigation authorities across the country to encourage them to provide new or additional facilities in the right locations.

Steve Warwicker, Chairman of IWA’s Navigation Committee, explained: “It’s important this campaign is as wide-reaching as possible and we’re asking for boaters’ help to cover all navigable waterways, including those not connected to the main system.”

“We’re also aware of the difficulties that boaters’ face in some parts of the country in trying to recycle their waste, so we will be pressing navigation authorities to provide more recycling points. In the meantime, it’s great if all boaters can use existing recycling points whenever possible, so navigation authorities can see that there is a demand for this service from responsible waterways users,” he said.

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