EU Court of Justice Rules Against Use of Red Diesel

EU Court of Justice Rules Against Use of Red Diesel

31 October 2018

Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC) has announced that it has lost its defence against the Court of Justice of the European Union ruling that the UK has failed to fulfil its obligations on fiscal marking of gas oils and kerosene. This ruling could affect future use of red diesel for leisure boats, with implications for boat owners and boatyard operators.

We are working with RYA and British Marine following this announcement to assess the impact of this decision. Whilst our primary concern is that diesel procurement does not become more difficult (or more expensive) in the UK as a result of the ruling, we do also have a number of members who take their boats to the waterways of Europe (including Ireland) who will be affected by the judgement.

HMRC is now examining the judgment and will announce how and when the UK will adjust its practices in due course.  A meeting with HMRC to be attended by RYA, British Marine and IWA is now being sought at the earliest opportunity to discuss the implications of the loss of red diesel for the propulsion of recreational craft. 

Read briefing note on Red Diesel (PDF)

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