New waterway campaigning resource

New waterway campaigning resource

02 January 2020

A new resource is available to waterway campaigners engaging with MPs across all waterways in England, Scotland and Wales.

Our new IWA Directory of Parliamentary Constituencies with Waterways identifies over 400 constituencies which have navigable waterways and/or significant restoration projects within their boundaries. The database is fully searchable by MP name, constituency, waterway and IWA branch, enabling you to work out which MPs you need to contact for any particular stretch of waterway.

This version includes all new and re-elected MPs following the recent General Election. Interested campaigners can sign up to receive a copy of the new resource on IWA’s website. Signing up to receive a copy of the spreadsheet will also ensure that you to receive updates as and when new editions of the directory are issued.

Request your copy of IWA Directory of Parliamentary Constituencies with Waterways.

You can also request a copy of our IWA Waterway Directory

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