EA Announces Navigation Charge Increase

EA Announces Navigation Charge Increase

07 November 2013

The Environment Agency (EA) has announced its Navigation charge increase for 2014-15. It has considered all feedback received from both national and local customer representatives and concluded that as part of its on-going commitment to make EA waterways more financially sustainable, it will increase registration charges for boats by 4.8% next year, in accordance with its existing three-year charging plan. Charges for commercial boats will remain at 2011 levels.

2014-15 is the final year of the three-year charging plan, which applies to all Environment Agency-managed waterways. The plan calculates the increase in the registration charge on a yearly basis by taking the July Consumer Price Index (CPI) and adding 2%. The 2013 July CPI was 2.8% giving an overall increase of 4.8%.

The funding that EA currently receives from Government covers 65% of its national navigation expenditure (75% for the river Thames). This funding will not remain at these levels but reduce in the coming years. EA therefore sees rises in registration fees as necessary to help it continue to deliver the best service it can on the navigations it manages.

The increase is only one of a number of measures being implemented by EA to make the navigations it manages more financially sustainable. EA days it will continue to reduce costs, grow income from existing and new commercial activities, explore new ways to protect the income it is due from all customers and will look to work with more partners and volunteers. EA has said that it will continue to provide a sustainable service that meets customer requirements despite these changes.

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