HS2 Campaign - Phase 2 Consultation

HS2 Campaign - Phase 2 Consultation

15 November 2013

HS2 Phase 2 comprises two further sections of track, beyond those in Phase 1 which proposed a route from London to Birmingham, with a link to the north of Birmingham rejoining the existing West Coast Main Line at Handsacre. This route also proposed two ‘spurs’ to allow future extensions from HS2 to Manchester and Leeds.

The consultation on these two further routes for Phase Two of HS2, connecting the West Midlands with Leeds, Manchester and beyond, was launched on 17th July 2013 and closes on 31st January 2014. This consultation seeks people’s views on the proposed high speed rail route, as well as on the impacts of the proposed line of route.

As part of its work to protect waterways, IWA is planning to submit a response to this consultation and incorporate feedback from members as well as branches and other waterway organisations, to ensure the needs of the waterways and their users are heard in the overall debate.

IWA’s draft response is based on the information currently received, and will be available for comment until 13th December when it will be withdrawn for updating and preparation for submission.

If anyone wishes to see the original consultation documents, they can be downloaded from HS2 Ltd’s website.

For more information about HS2, including the Phase 1 consultation visit IWA's HS2 campaign page.

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