CRT Business Licence Review

CRT Business Licence Review

22 November 2013

IWA has welcomed the announcement by Canal & River Trust (CRT), on 22nd November, that it has “significantly changed” its proposals to revise its licence fees for commercial and non-profit-making group boat operations.  

On behalf of many of its corporate members, particularly hire boat and trip boat operators and waterway societies, IWA had objected strongly to the previous proposals that had been put out for consultation over the summer.  IWA is pleased that all but two of its main objections to the proposals have been reconsidered. 

In particular:

  • IWA is relieved to see that the current structure will remain for holiday hire boat licences and is confident that this will be better for the hire boat industry during the current financially difficult times.
  • IWA is pleased that length will continue to be used as the pricing basis for day hire boats, rather than number of seats and considers that this will encourage more businesses to continue operating day boats, which along with holiday hire boats are an important way of introducing people to the waterways.

  • IWA welcomes the much simpler fee structure now proposed for skippered passenger boats. 

  • IWA still very strongly believes that the Disconnected Waterway Discount should continue for isolated sections of waterway where the rest of the waterway is under restoration, in order to support and encourage further use and regeneration of that waterway. 

  • IWA notes the announcement that the proposals relating to community boats have been shelved for 12 months, and looks forward to being involved in the consultation process for new proposals for the following year. 

  • IWA also looks forward to being consulted over proposed changes to the business licence terms and conditions in due course.

On hearing of the revised proposals, IWA National Chairman, Les Etheridge, said “IWA had been extremely concerned that the previous proposals would discourage new and younger people from getting involved with the waterways.  We are pleased that CRT has listened and responded to our concerns”.

For more information on the Review go to consultations page at Canal & River Trust's website.

See also the original press release by IWA.

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