IWA Submits HS2 Phase 2 Consultation Response

IWA Submits HS2 Phase 2 Consultation Response

31 January 2014

On 30th January, IWA submitted its response to the HS2 high speed rail Phase 2 consultation.

IWA posted an initial draft of the reply to the consultation regarding the proposed routes from the West Midlands to Manchester and to Leeds in mid-November.

The reply has been widely discussed with IWA’s own experts, members and with other organisations interested in the scheme including the Ashby, Barnsley Dearne & Dove and Chesterfield Canal Trusts, marina owners and operators, Peel Holdings, and Canal and River Trust.

It is hoped that the contributions from all the different parties have made a stronger, more aligned response which will get a better deal for the waterways.

Gren Messham, HS2 Campaign & Communications Group Chairman said "The document has increased in length since it was first published in mid-November, and is now a better document making a clearer case for what HS2 need to do to properly protect inland waterways. It is a truly nationwide response, reflecting IWA’s strengths knowledge and capabilities.

Whilst local societies and groups inevitably focus on their issues, we all know we need a resilient network for all to enjoy.

I would like to say a big ‘thank you’ to everyone who has contributed, taken the time to read the document, and especially those who came back with comments, extra points and further information to change or reinforce IWA's response."

The response can be downloaded from the IWA website.

More information on IWA's HS2 campaign

Please direct any comments to - hs2comments@waterways.org.uk.

The response to the Phase 1 Hybrid Bill, and Environmental Consultation has been deferred until 27th February.

Photo: Chesterfield Canal at Misterton by John Lower

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