IWA Branches, Regions and WRG Groups Donate Over £22,000 in 2013

IWA Branches, Regions and WRG Groups Donate Over £22,000 in 2013

19 February 2014

IWA branches, regions and WRG regional groups were busy fundraising throughout 2013. This has allowed them to make significant donations, a total of almost £22,250, to waterway organisations over the year.

The group that donated the most in 2013, was IWA Chiltern Branch who donated £3175 in total. This was largely possible because of a strong year of fundraising that saw the branch secure £3490. £2000 was donated to Wendover Arm Trust, a restoration project that the branch has long supported through donations and practically as many of its members attend the regular work parties. The branch also gave a total of £1000 to CRT to help fund emergency repair works to the Aylesbury Arm Lock and Reeds Bridge on the Slough Arm.

Another group that gave generously was WRG North West, who donated £3000 to various groups. £2000 of this was donated to The Cotswold Canals Trust’s Lock appeal and £1000 to Wilts & Berks Canal Trust. The £1000 went to the Seven Locks appeal along with a further £2500 from IWA Restoration Committee, just two of over 450 donations Wilts & Berks Canal Trust received, totalling around £40,000, which funded the purchase of locks 2, 3, 4 and 5 on the Wilts & Berks Canal.

A further seven branches donated amounts of £1000 or more:

Combined, branches, regions and WRG groups donated the large sum of £19,405 to trusts and societies that work to restore, conserve and maintain waterways across the country. Of this £19,405, a number of donations were made to:

  • Wendover Arm Trust - £3150,
  • The Cotswold Canals Trust - £2650,
  • The Grantham Canal Society - £2100,
  • Wilts & Berks Canal Trust - £1900,
  • The Wey & Arun Canal Trust - £1250.

In addition, the combined donations of branches, regions and WRG groups to the restoration and maintenance of a variety of  historic and community boats was £1074. Part of these donations also made up the £755 given to community boats such as CanalAbility.

In 2013, a total of twenty-six branches, one region and two WRG groups donated to another organisation. This would not have been possible without the fundraising efforts IWA volunteers undertook to make sure the money was available to help fund projects that contribute to the maintenance, conservation, restoration and promotion of the use of waterways across the country.

Fundraising activities carried out included recycling waste paper, lock winds and second-hand stalls. If you are interested and want to raise some funds for your branch to support your own work or that of others, take a look at IWA’s website for fundraising tips.

Finally, thank you and congratulations to the following IWA branches, regions and WRG groups for the funds raised and donations made in 2013:


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