IWA Staff and Chiltern Branch Tidy up Lock Ahead of Acheman Challenge

IWA Staff and Chiltern Branch Tidy up Lock Ahead of Acheman Challenge

28 March 2014

On the 26th March 2014, staff from The Inland Waterways Association's (IWA) Head Office joined volunteers from IWA Chiltern Branch, with support from Canal & River Trust, to repaint a set of locks at Marsworth on the Grand Union Canal, ahead of theAcheman Challenge.  

Volunteers used wire brushes to remove damaged and cracked paint on the lock gates and bollards at Lock 43. By early afternoon, paint had been carefully applied to the majority of the lock gates and bollards. Volunteers also assisted two boats through the locks during the day. Unfortunately, due to rain the lock painting came to an end by mid-afternoon with the last coat of paint to be applied at a later date.

IWA Chiltern Branch member Chris Clegg said “The sun shone during the morning, but by 2.45pm there was a heavy shower and we called it a day, with the top gates substantially finished, and the bottom gates and lockside bollards and ladders painted as well. It was an enjoyable, productive working party”.

Take a look at the timelapse video of the work party. A gallery of photos is also available to view on the IWA Volunteering Facebook page.

Head Office staff will be locking a boat through Marsworth on 5th April as part of their 50 mile Acheman Challenge, which also involves cycling, running and canoeing, representing a variety of waterway interests. Due to a very generous donation from an IWA life member of £4,000 the team has now raised £8209 to date, including pledges, towards a new Waterway Recovery Group excavator. IWA Ipswich Branch has also donated £1,000 and IWA Lichfield Branch has donated £200. These large donations mean the team is now raising their target from £5,000 to £10,000. The team would like to thank everybody that has donated so far.

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