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IWA Meeting with Defra: Friday 12 November 2010

IWA met with Defra officials on Friday 12 November to discuss a range of issues. The main topics covered were The New Waterways Charity, Funding and the Environment Agency.

The Waterways Charity - Defra envisaged a period of transition for BW which would span the period of one year before the charity comes into being on 1 April and one year after; with Defra closely involved in developing and monitoring the charity to ensure its success. The charity would have the benefit of a long term contract from central government.

Funding - The full implications for Defra of the recent spending review would be realised in December, including the implications for Grant-in-Aid for BW and the EA. It would cover the period 2011/12 to 2014/15, so after 1 April 2012 the finance for BW would represent the early years of the long term contract for the BW successor charity. On funding for BW, Defra’s formal public position is that “the reduction in BW’s grant will not be any greater because BW is becoming a charity than it would otherwise have been…”.   

The Environment Agency - Defra speculated that the settlement for EA would mean that it would have to take tough decisions for the navigation services it would be able to provide after 31 March 2011 reflecting affordability with reduced budgets. Whether the EA navigations might transfer to the charity remained under discussion in Government. There were complex issues and it was difficult to speculate on what decision might be made by Ministers.

For more information please go to http://www.waterways.org.uk/campaigns/news/campaign_news/iwa_meeting_with_defra

IWA News

Branch Officers' Workshop 2011

To: IWA Branches & Groups; Regions; National Committees and interested members

‘65 years on this Association is still working to secure a better future for our waterways with enthusiasts playing a major part in their strategies and operations. I urge you to come to this event to hear the details of how it might affect us all and to help us play our part in that future’
Clive Henderson – National Chairman

The IWA Promotions & Communications Committee will be holding a Workshop on 22nd January 2011 at The North Staffordshire Conference Centre, Stoke-on-Trent.

The issues that we need to discuss are perhaps the most urgently important that we have had to face in some years, we need to let you know what is happening, we need your views, and there is very little time for us to organise ourselves to face up to the changes and challenges ahead.


A) Morning 1000 – 1300hrs
0930hrs Open, register, coffee
1015hrs Welcome, Safety in hall, public speaking reminder
1020-1045hrs The New Waterways Charity – an up-to-date briefing by Clive Henderson
1045-1100hrs The Role of the IWA within this
1100-1130hrs How must IWA adapt
1130-1230hrs Break-out groups; probably 3 - depends on numbers attending.
1230-1300hrs Groups return for convey their views then open discussion.

B) Lunch 1300 – 1400hrs
Lunchtime activities - Branch Displays
Clothing for sale and how Branches can promote it

C) Afternoon 1400-1545hrs
1400-1430hrs “Engaging with ‘The Young Ones’”; a completely new look for WOW
1430-1500hrs Membership 1: Retention (a) Greeting (b) Reasons for being a member (c) Involving
members (d) Lapsing members (e) A welcome pack for new members to Branches
1500-1530hrs Membership 2: Recruitment (a) the 10 reasons (b) the new scheme for Branches (c) The
Boatyard Scheme
1530-1545hrs Closing words followed by Tea prior to departure

IWA will be subsidising the lunch but we are asking for you to pay £5.00 per head towards the catering costs.

We can help with those faced with long journeys by arranging accommodation with other IWA members.

You can either book online or download the booking form.

for more information go to: http://www.waterways.org.uk/events_festivals/branch_officers__workshop_2011/branch_officers__workshop_2011 

IWA Involved in Engineering Activities

IWA Honorary Consultant Engineers have advised on various engineering activities around the waterways network including activities on the Basingstoke Canal, Bude Canal, Great Ouse, Melton & Oakham Navigation, Thames & Severn Canal, Wilts & Berks Canal and Worcester & Birmingham Canal.

For more information please see http://www.waterways.org.uk/campaigns/news/campaign_news/iwa_engineering_activities

Non-Emergency Police Contact Numbers

There is now a list on the IWA website of non-emergency police contact numbers which may be useful if there is a problem along the towpath, particularly for boaters cruising through the network. Please see http://www.waterways.org.uk/activities/boating/police_contact_numbers

There is also a downloadable PDF which can be found here http://www.waterways.org.uk/pdf/non_emergency_police_contact

Inglesham Lock Restoration Appeal Update

A big thank you to those that have donated to the Inglesham Lock Restoration Appeal so far. £22,390 has been pledged which is 18% of the £125,000 target. For more information about the appeal and works to be carried out please go to http://www.waterways.org.uk/campaigns/appeals/iwa_national__restoration_appeal___inglesham_lock_

IWA's Waterway Recovery Group (WRG) is running a specialist camp at Inglesham Lock over the new year to get the site ready for the work to be carried out in 2011. Work will include tree and vegetation clearance. To ensure that the cost of the site enabling works is covered, please donate now.

2011 will see WRG constructing the site compound, landing stage and dam. Volunteers will also start rebuilding the upper wing walls of the lock. More information to follow.

IWA Branch & Region Volunteer Opportunities

Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire Branch currently has two branch vacancies.

Publicity Officer - The Branch requires a publicity officer, who is happy to go out and talk to potential members. Access to a computer with Word (or the equivalent) and an e-mail account would be advantageous.

Planning Officer - This officer will be expected to monitor websites of Councils in the area to check for planning applications being submitted that may impact on the local waterways. The branch would also like them to be able to respond to things like local development guidelines etc. The branch has an expert doing the job at present who will be able to give advice and help.

For a full list of volunteer opportunities go to: http://www.waterways.org.uk/about/vacancies 

IWA Email Problems

You may have noticed intermittent problems with our email system in recent months, particularly over the weekend. This has been caused by local interruptions to the electricity supply to Head Office where the email server is located.
We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Other News

British Waterways Announces Boat Licence Changes for 2011

British Waterways has announced changes to boat licence fees for 2011 which will take effect from April. The standard 12 month pleasure boat licence fee will increase by 5.1%, and the Gold Licence fee will increase by 2.5%

For the full story please go to http://www.waterscape.com/features-and-articles/news/2913/british-waterways-boat-licence-changes-for-2011

British Waterways Announces National Dredging Contract

British Waterways has awarded a national dredging contract to marine-based civil engineer Land & Water Services Ltd.

The initial contract from December 2010 to March 2015, will run up to and beyond the launch of the new waterways charity which is scheduled to take over the custodianship of British Waterways' canals and rivers in 2012.

For the full story please go to http://www.waterways.org.uk/campaigns/news/other_news/bw_announces_long_term_dredging_contract

Upcoming Restoration Events

Please see below for a list of canal restoration events.

3rd - 9th December - Wendover Arm (Wendover Arm Trust)
Details: Works will include stage 2 pipe capping and mooring wall.
Contact: Roger Leishman on 01442-874536 or email rleishman@ukgateway.net

4th - 5th December - Lancaster canal (WRG North West)
Details: Includes Christmas Dinner
Contact David McCarthy MBE 0161-740-2179 or email nw@wrg.org.uk
11th - 12th December - Wilts & Berks Canal (wrgBITM)
Details: Xmas work party
Contact: Dave Wedd 01252-874437 or email bookings@wrgBITM.org.uk
11th - 12th December - Thames & Severn Canal (NWPG)
Details: Eisey Lock - Dig Deep project
Contact: Bill Nicholson 01844-343369 or email bill@nwpg.org.uk
26th December - 1st January - Manchester, Bolton & Bury Canal (WRG)
Details: WRG Christmas Camp includes scrub bashing and bonfires. Camp 201023
Contact: WRG Enquiries 01494-783453 or email enquiries@wrg.org.uk www.wrg.org.uk

19th - 26th February - Chelmer & Blackwater Navigation (WRG)
Details: Work includes bank protection, painting, towpath clearance and repairs. Accommodation for the week is on a barge moored in the tidal estuary, converted for residential use.
Contact: WRG Enquiries 01494-783453 or email enquiries@wrg.org.uk www.wrg.org.uk

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