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Minister Announces Increased Funding for Canal & River Trust

IWA has welcomed the announcement by the Waterways Minister Richard Benyon MP on Tuesday 31st January 2012, that his Department had reached a negotiated settlement with the transition trustees of the Canal & River Trust over the amount of Government funding that it will receive when it takes over responsibility for the management of the waterways currently run by British Waterways in England and Wales.

The issues that Government has addressed in this settlement are: – the original settlement has been substantially increased from £390million over ten years to potentially, £800m over 15 years according to Defra if you add indexation. There is also the full property portfolio of commercial premises and land worth an additional £460m.

The ‘core deal’ is for a payment of £39million per year, however; 

  • Starting in 2015/16, there is also an extra £10 million per year conditional grant (with a capping arrangement for the last 5 years).
  • There is now indexation on the core grant.
  • The contract term has now been increased by a half, giving financial certainty for 15 years.
  • On service pension liabilities -an additional £25m this year with a government guarantee of last resort (i.e. – should the charity become insolvent) for 19 years.
  • A one off payment of £6.2m this year to cover repayment of national loans.

The IWA campaign strategy has clearly been effective. This year’s funding offer from government has been raised from £39 million to over £70 million, and much of what we asked for in our lobbying and submissions has resulted in concessions being made.

IWA has lobbied hard for a sensible deal from government. The Defra consultation – A New Era for the Waterways – was issued in March 2011. IWA swiftly analysed these proposals and it was clear from the outset that the £39m per annum from Government wasn’t going to give the CRT a fighting chance. IWA came up with a package of measures for Government to consider and submitted these early so that Government and other waterways stakeholders could fully reflect on the IWA suggestions. IWA’s Preliminary Analysis was submitted in May last year. Elements that we believed should be incorporated into a sustainable funding package included for Government to:

  • Meet the past service pension liabilities of British Waterways.
  • Provide a transition fund both to cover the increased costs needed for a successful launch of the charity and the costs of promoting broad based local ownership of our waterways, including finance to pump prime locally determined projects. 
  • Index the indicative funding. 
  • Provide certainty of funding beyond 10 years.
  • Find funding for the cost of bridge repairs which have risen exponentially for British Waterways given the nature and axle weight of today’s commercial traffic, including the option of transferring responsibility for maintenance of road bridges to the relevant local highway authorities.

These representations were all included in the full IWA response to consultation, with the additional proposal that the liability for financing any duties to deliver environmental objectives beyond the scope of the CRT Trust Declaration and charitable purposes should fall to central government to fund.

In the autumn these representations were followed up by a well supported IWA members campaign, under which members wrote to their MPs raising key issues for them to take up with Richard Benyon. He received a pretty full mailbox. Centrally IWA made sure that big ticket funding issues were given a public airing – in Parliament through Parliamentary Questions and through the media – and these included pension liabilities, inadequate dredging, the deterioration in the waterways as a navigation, and British Waterways inability to fund properly bridge repair and maintenance. IWA also made representations on funding through the All Party Parliamentary Waterways Group hearings on British Waterways Funding, and had a private briefing with the Waterways Minister on our concerns.       

Moving forward, IWA will continue to remain vigilant. We need to ensure that any early teething problems are no more than that, and not symptoms of greater problems, and we will want to convey any issues of substance arising to Government before it conducts its 2 year review in 2014. We will also keep an eye on progress towards the absorption of the EA navigations in 2015/16 to ensure that no last minute hitches derail the transfer.

It is always possible to look for more – but in times of tight fiscal restraint – Seeing the original settlement be substantially increased together with retention of the full property portfolio of commercial premises and land has to be regarded as a relatively good deal.

We would like to thank all of our supporters who have played an important part in supporting this negotiation process, and we sincerely hope that all waterway supporters will now continue in supporting the CRT by providing volunteer support and assistance at local and national level, especially in the critical first three years before much of the additional funding kicks in.

IWA News

CRT Council Elections - IWA Fields Candidates

There are five IWA Trustees standing for election to CRT Council 2012; in alphabetical order;

Ivor Caplan - Manifesto

  • I have been boating for 35 years including 15 years living afloat
  • cruised extensively including lesser used waterways such as the BCN
  • been involved through the RBOA in achieving greater recognition of residential boating
  • worked towards formalising residential moorings and developing new ones 
  • supported boating interests through major involvement in IWA and Canal Societies 
  • played a part in increasing navigable waterways through restoration of the Droitwich Canals

If elected to Council I will

  • argue for the primacy of navigation and boating as benefitting all waterways users
  • continue to champion the total heritage of the inland waterways
  • make the case for responsible residential boating as a major benefit to CRT
  • fight for the survival and regeneration of lesser used parts of the system
  • campaign for boating activities to be made accessible and affordable for all sectors of society
  • negotiate for maintenance including dredging to the highest possible navigable standards  

Clive Henderson - Manifesto

I have been a boater for 30 years. I am chairman of the Inland Waterways Association, and also of British Waterways Advisory Forum.

I have ensured that the boaters' viewpoint has been consistently and constantly put forward and have built relationships with key people within CRT and other user groups. Most aspects of the business and operations are familiar to me and I have enjoyed insight into the plans and aspirations for the new charity as they have evolved and have engaged with Defra and Parliament.

My key aims have been to ensure that the charity would have a sound and viable basis in terms of structure, representation and financing.

If you were to elect me I would strive to hold Trustees and Management to account to ensure that navigation is always CRT's prime purpose and that boaters' interests will be held paramount as the principal funders of the system.

Paul Roper - Manifesto

I have boated for years and been an owner for 11. I’m an IWA Trustee and Chairman of their Navigation Committee which campaigns for boaters. I have been the principal lead for  IWA’s response to the government’s CRT proposals.

My primary concern, should you elect me, is to ensure that from the outset the waterways are maintained as boaters would wish.

I believe in the primacy of navigation but if difficult choices have to be made I will be pragmatic over how the money should be spent, as I had to be in my senior civil service career.

But my overriding priority will always be keeping the whole network open to boats.

I am also clear, that as the principal paying stakeholder, boaters need a strong voice on the Council and I offer my self as someone who can adopt that role on behalf of all boaters.

Peter Scott - Manifesto

Council will “help to shape policy”: We need policies that

  • keep our waterways open and measure open-ness from one year to the next
  • harass Management into improving availability; and reverse their Creeping Closures which restrict navigation - eg eleven day May closure for Oxford Canal bridge demolition;  four-days-per week closure at Standedge Tunnel; 4pm daily closure Newlay to Leeds
  • get more boats, more moving boats, on our underused waterways
  • persuade the non-navigation majority of Council that while their interests could be served by a series of disconnected duckponds, we all need open, used, connected, navigations.

I'm chairman of IWA Northeast and Yorkshire and do a thousand boating miles each year across the whole connected system. More thoughts

Vaughan Welch - Manifesto

I have more than forty years boating experience, a  long standing IWA Trustee specifically  responsible for supporting waterway restoration, Droitwich Canals Trust Chairman and a successful hard working waterways campaigner.

With your support I hope to: -

  • Establish primacy for boating
  • Prevent navigation being subsumed by other waterway interested bodies
  • Stop the spiralling costs of boating
  • Seek internal and external cost reductions
  • Reduce ‘top heavy’ Management costs
  • Establish salaries equivalent to ‘like’ charities
  • Develop a proper dredging programme
  • Improve vegetation management
  • Increase provision and improve essential boaters facilities
  • Prevent closures
  • Seek network expansion
  • Re-establish the Right of Navigation
  • Establish opening hours to suit the users
  • Compensate for long term closures
  • Encourage residential boating
  • Legitimize those who have chosen the waterways as their home
  • Establish security of tenure
  • Develop measures to enable all levels of society’s participation in traditional boating activities

I do hope I can count on your support.
Thank you

In total there are officially 33 Leisure Boating Candidates standing for election to CRT council; other candidates

How will the voting work?

Every eligible voter will have 1 vote in the election that under the Single Transferable Vote system can be transferred to avoid wasted votes.

The ballot paper will include all candidates standing and the elector can use their vote by numbering as many of the candidates as they wish, in the elector’s order of preference (eg. by putting 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, etc… against the candidate names).

If your first preferred candidate already has enough votes to be elected, or cannot ever get enough, your vote will be transferred to your second preferred candidate and so on, so it is not wasted. Votes will be counted electronically.

To ensure that the election process is fair, open and transparent CRT have enlisted the help of the Electoral Reform Society, an independent organisation, to organise the election process. For more information about the ERS and the Single Transferable Vote visit www.electoral-reform.org.uk/single-transferable-vote/

IWA urges every eligible voter to make use of their democratic opportunity to vote.

Parliamentary Waterway Group Reports on Meeting with Minister

The All Party Parliamentary Waterways Group has issued a communiqué following a hearing on 8 December to provide the Waterways Minister, Richard Benyon MP, with the opportunity to respond to the Group’s Memorandum – The Future of the Waterways. This was published and submitted to the Government in July, focussing on appropriate governance and financing for the Canal & River Trust which is planned to come fully into being in April 2012, inheriting responsibility for British Waterways’ inland waterways network. The Memorandum was prepared after two earlier hearings into these issues in order to provide a Parliamentary response to Defra’s consultation A New Era for the Waterways on the Government’s proposals for moving inland waterways into a new charity in England & Wales.

The 8th December hearing was chaired by former Waterways Minister the Rt Hon Alun Michael MP and attended by a number of MPs and representatives of a wide range of organisations which play important roles in relation to our canals and other waterways. The hearing also gave the Minister and the charity’s Transition Trustees the opportunity to provide a broader report on progress to deliver a fully operational charity in 2012.

This Communiqué has been approved by the All Party Group as an accurate summary of the discussion and the Group also approves its publication and distribution to waterways stakeholders and other interested parties.

Read Communiqué in full

Speaking on behalf of IWA, Paul Roper, chairman of IWA’s navigation committee said:

‘We welcome the publication of this Communiqué by APPWG.  IWA has always said that the £39m per annum was not enough. We argued that this had to be improved. 

We also welcome the Minister’s express recognition of concerns raised by IWA over the proposed amendments to the system for classifying waterways in the Transport Act 1968. He gave an assurance that any application from the Trust to reclassify a waterway would be subject to a full cost benefit analysis and wide consultation with those likely to be affected as required by the Transport Act. Additionally he did not want or expect to see closures of any waterways, as that would not be constructive. He stated that Government wanted to ensure that in the medium term there was scope for a reduction in the percentage of assets that were in poor and very poor condition. He also  added that the Government wanted the existing network to be both maintained and enhanced.’

For more information please contact Jo Gilbertson or David Padfield on 01494 783453



thermometermen150pxInglesham Lock Restoration Appeal

One last big fundraising push required.

The Inglesham Lock Restoration Appeal in Support of the Cotswolds and Wilts and Berks canals restoration schemes is progressing apace and IWA is looking for further donations to now help finalise the fundraising.

IWA and WRG have set an ambitious target to restore the lock by 2013. Three further WRG camps together with weekend digs are planned for this year.

Inglesham is strategically important as it is the eastern starting point for the Cotswolds restoration and provides additional focus for the Wilts and Berks canal restoration that spurs off it several miles west of the lock’s junction with the Thames.

The Cotswolds is one of only a few major funded projects that is currently making major progress, and IWA is keen to support this as one of the first of a series of appeals it wants to carry out in support of these schemes around the country.

IWA aims to provide a new landing stage, restore the lock chamber with the facility to deliver back pumping and clear the cut above the lock whilst also ensuring that the balance of the work can be completed to have the lock operational as quickly as possible .

Speaking about the restoration appeal, Inglesham Appeal Chairman and IWA National Treasurer Les Etheridge said.

‘We want to wrap up the fundraising this year if we possibly can, so that we can focus our attentions on completing the practical restoration works unhindered. This then puts us in a position to support schemes in other parts of the country.

I would urge all waterway supporters to help us finish the fundraising for this scheme as quickly as possible’.

Please send a cheque made out to IWA to IWA Inglesham Appeal, Island House, Moor Road, Chesham HP5 1WA or donate online

Donations totalling in the region of £73,000 have now been pledged towards the Inglesham Lock Appeal, a good achievement in these difficult economic times, but we need to get as close as possible to our £125,000 target by the end of April when the appeal will close to personal donations.

See photo gallery of restoration undertaken so far.


Have your say. Take part in the IWA forum

Let us know your thoughts about IWA's national and local campaigning, the website, or anything else regarding the waterways in IWA's Forum.


2012 Waterway Events

See the IWA Events Calendar for 2012 waterway events. You can also search by event type or find out what's going in on your area with the map search.

Some dates for your diary in 2012:

Waterways Festival and Giant Boat Jumble - Gloucestershire 1st April
South Kyme Festival - Lincolnshire 4th - 7th May
Northampton Boat Gathering - Northamptonshire 4th - 7th May
IWA Canalway Cavalcade - London 5th - 7th May
Rickmansworth Festival - Hertfordshire 19th - 20th May
Moira Canal Festival - Leicestershire 19th - 20th May
Wheel 10 - Falkirk Wheel Boat Rally - Falkirk 25th - 27th May
IWA National Trailboat Festival Stroud - Gloucestershire 2nd - 4th June
Crick Boat Show - Northamptonshire 2nd - 5th June
Boxmoor Canal Festival - Hertfordshire 3rd - 5th June
Middlewich Folk & Boat Festival - Cheshire 15th - 17th June
Northwich River Weaver Festival - Cheshire 23rd - 24th June
Stratford River Festival - Warwickshire 29th June - 1st July
Leeds Waterfront Festival - West Yorkshire 30th June - 1st July
Chesterfield Canal Festival - Derbyshire 30th June - 1st July
IWA Thwaite Mills Boat Gathering - West Yorkshire 30th June - 1st July
Evesham River Festival - Worcestershire 6th - 8th July
Ware Boat Festival - Hertfordshire 6th - 8th July
Blisworth Canal Festival - Northamptonshire 11th - 12th August
IWA Campaign Festival, Preston - Lancashire 25th - 26th August
RNLI Rally - Surrey 22nd - 23rd August
Village at War Weekend - Northamptonshire 28th - 30th August

Have you got a waterway event or activity to promote? - Anyone can add details of a waterways event or activity to this area on the website. You don’t even need to register with the website or provide any sort of password. Simply use the upload event form.


IWA Public Relations & Communications Internship

Public relations and social media is of continuing importance to IWA, and we need someone to help with the day-to-day duties of managing and developing our local and national public relations and social networking channels.

The post will be ideally suited to someone with a public relations or journalism background who is looking to develop their experience.

For more information please see the internship specification.


About People

We are saddened to report the death of former IWA trustee Doug Beard on 23rd January; he had been suffering from cancer of the liver.  Doug led the restoration of the Springfield Lock and Springfield Basin on the Chelmer & Blackwater Navigation in the early 1990s, culminating in their re-opening in 1993.  Doug then set about helping the Company of Proprietors of the Navigation replace some of the gates on the western end of the waterway with a series of successful grant applications supported by the local authorities.  When the Company went into Administration in August 2003, Doug became IWA's representative on the Creditor's Committee, and eventually IWA negotiated to take over management of the Navigation in November 2005 with the formation of Essex Waterways.  Doug was the initial chairman of Essex Waterways but retired in October 2006.  Doug served two terms of office as a trustee, from March 1996 to February 2007 and from September 2008 until October 2011.

We are also saddened to report the recent death of Peter Jackson, former chairman of IWA South Wales Branch and chairman of IWA’s South West Region and an IWA trustee from 1983 to 1992 , and also, on 28th January, the death of Graham Whorton, latterly chairman of the Birmingham Canal Navigation Society and secretary of Coombeswood Canal Trust, who was awarded a Richard Bird Medal in 2010.

We are saddened to report the death of John Moss, one of the founder members of IWA’s Stoke-on-Trent Branch in 1974 and a member of the committee for 37 years until his death on 18th January.  In particular, John was a noted organiser of work parties on the Caldon Canal in the years after its re-opening, and was awarded a Richard Bird Medal in 2011.


IWA Volunteering Opportunities

IWA Events Volunteering

IWA National Campaign Festival Site Manager - The Site Manager has had to pull out and a replacement is urgently needed to lead and coordinate the existing small team.
Contact: Madeline Dean, 01257 231861, lancsandcumbria@waterways.org.uk

Find out about volunteering opportunities at IWA's 2012 events www.waterways.org.uk/support_us/volunteer/event_volunteers


IWA Branch and Region Help Wanted

For a full list of volunteer opportunities within IWA branches and regions please go to: www.waterways.org.uk/about/vacancies/vacancies


Other News

List of Jubilee Pageant Boats Published Online

The major details of the Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant have been revealed.

The event will be the largest flotilla to be assembled on the river for at least 350 years, and is one of the major celebrations of the Queen’s sixty year reign. The pageant will take place on Sunday 3rd June - on the river from Putney to Tower Bridge.

The flotilla itself will be over seven miles long and will include some 25 miles of Thames river bank and pass under 14 bridges. It will take 90 minutes to pass any given point.
The List of pageant boats has been published and includes the following leisure boats:

Recreational Motorboat Squadron the sixty boats included in this squadron illustrate the types of boats used to cruise inland, in tidal and coastal waters and further afield to Europe. Absolute Zero (TMYC), Agnes J (Gravesend SC), Annie, Arundel Girl, Barbara, Barbarina K (ATYC), Breezing In (TMYC), Canary Wharf 4, Conway Star (TMYC), Dandy Regent (ATYC), Dorset Dunlin (Thames Vintage BC), Eagle Dream (SSAFA Forces Help), Elaina, Elsie Alice (RYA Thames Valley), Emily E (LL South Yorkshire), Happy Hours (Harleyford MYC), Hertford, Hestia (UTMYC), Hola Guapa, Humming Bird (HYC), Jolly Rotter II (TMYC), Jubilata (Duchy of Lancaster), Knot Arf (TMYC), K-Ser-A (TMYC), Larnaca (Greenwich YC), Liberty (Hurlingham YC), Lighter Moments (Worshipful Company of Lightmongers), Lucy Lockett V (LL Oxfordshire), MV Gazelle (Watermen's Company), Mastercraft (Waterski & Wakeboard Club), Melodie, Mustard (Army Sailing Assn), My Harmony (Royal Air Force Sailing Assn), Omega V (NATC), Quackers Too (City Livery YC), Rosel (Richmond YC), Rubicon (Thames MYC), Scoop, Sea Symphony (Penton Hook YC), Siku Kuu (Dutch Boat Owners Club), Spirit of Avalon (Royal Naval Volunteer YC), Suero VII (LL Norfolk), TL Sea (Motor Boat Monthly), Thames Fueller (Worshipful Company of Fuellers), Thames Shipwright (Worshipful Company of Shipwrights), The Diplomat, Tigin na Mara (Worshipful Company of 7 Painter Stainers), TBA (LL Devon), Vixen (British Sub Aqua Club), Wally Goldsmith (Rutland Sailability), Warspite (London Nautical School), Wetwheels, Wight Spirit.

Narrow Boats there are forty narrow boats in this group: Arthur Dent (St Pancras CC), Barely A-wake (Worshipful Company of Innholders), Beatty (LL Merseyside), Blackjack, Bream (National Historic Ships), Centenary (LL Warwickshire), Doris Katia (St Pancras CC), Dragonfly, (St Pancras CC), Fulbourne (CCBG ), Galatea V (St Pancras CC), Gort, Hazellnut (Byfleet BC), Helix (London CC), Ketura (St Pancras CC), Leo No 2 (Byfleet BC), Lord Toulouse (LL Worcestershire), Lotus No 10 (SPCC), Madam (RYA), Marie Celeste (LL Lancashire), Mey Be Knot, Morpheus (London Studio Orchestra), Mountbatten Crusader (St John Ambulance Northamptonshire), Mr David (Towpath Talk Newspaper), Oh Be Joyful (LL Cheshire), Orlando (Thames Scout CC), Pied Piper (Northampton and Wellingborough Sea Cadets), Pirate Prince, President (LL Staffordshire), Quercus (Inland Waterways Assn), Scholar Gypsy, Shropshire Lad (LL Shropshire), Southern Cross, Stort Challenger (Canal Boat Project), Swingbridge 2 (Surrey Care Trust), Tarporley (Camden Canals and Narrowboat Assocn), Waterscape (British Waterways)

Dutch Barges with a few exceptions all twenty Dutch Barges provide homes to their owners here in the UK: Actief, Alberdina, Amethyst Atoll, Angell Hardy ll, Angelus, Grietje, Izambard, Lady Phantasie, Libertijn of Alphen, Maxime, Neeltje, Noelle, Pescalune, Petra, Sabrina of London, Sobriety, Sudersee, The Princess Matilda, The River Princess.

See a PDF of the full list on the Thames Diamond Jubilee Pageant website

IWA Burgee and IWA Waterproof Jacket for Queen's Jubilee Flotilla Participants: IWA's Promotions & Communications Committee has agreed to donate an IWA burgee and an IWA waterproof jacket or IWA fleece jacket to all skippers (who are IWA members) whose place in the Queen's Jubilee Flotilla pageant has been confirmed. To apply for your prize, please email a copy of the confirmation* of your place in the flotilla along with your full name, telephone and/or mobile numbers, address and IWA membership number to IWA.QDJF@gmail.com
*this should be the notification you have received. Closing date: 27th April 2012.


Cam Conservators Fee Increases on the River Cam

Changes to the Cam Conservators licensing system have been announced which could mean an increase in licence fees of up to 23% from 1st April this year.

At present, an Environment Agency Anglian region licence permits access to all navigable parts of the system, including the River Cam up to the centre of Cambridge. However, at a meeting of the Cam Conservators on 12th January 2012 it was announced that from 1st April 2012, in order to navigate on Cam Conservancy waters, Environment Agency licence-holders would have to
purchase, from the EA, an “EA/Conservancy” licence costing 110% of a standard EA licence.

Alternatively, EA licence-holders deciding to navigate the Cam later in the year could purchase an annual visitor licence at 15% of their EA licence fee.

A Cam-only licence will no longer be available and all river Cam based boaters will be obliged to purchase the "Conservancy/EA" licence at 110% of the EA fee, which will now be issued and administered by the Cam Conservancy not as in the past by the EA.


Bedford & Milton Keynes Waterway Given Go-Ahead

Milton Keynes Council has agreed a plan to deliver the Bedford and Milton Keynes Waterway.

The new waterway will create a 26km link between the Grand Union Canal at Milton Keynes and the River Great Ouse at Bedford.

For more information visit www.b-mkwaterway.co.uk/


Environment Agency Seek Volunteer Assistant Lock Keepers for the River Thames

The Environment Agency is looking for volunteers to assist with the operation and maintenance of locks from Cricklade in Wiltshire to Teddington in Middlesex, through the busy summer months.

Volunteers will spend their days outdoors, helping boats through the lock, giving advice to visitors, looking after the lock-side facilities and generally acting as an ambassador for the River Thames and the Environment Agency.

EA will provide on-the-job training and branded clothing.

All positions are offered on a voluntary basis, starting April 2012 and finishing October 2012. EA are looking for people who can spare at least one day a week throughout the season.  Please be aware some weekend and bank holiday work may be required.

For an information pack and application form please email  thames.volunteers@environment-agency.gov.uk, or call 01491 828360.


IWA Member Discounts and Special Offers

The following special offers are now available exclusively for IWA members:

  • Channel Glaze - 10% discount on double glazing for boats
  • Cotswold Outdoor - 10% discount
  • Europcar - Special hire rates to IWA members
  • Lee Sanitation Ltd. - 10% on orders over £100
  • Midland Chandlers - 5% discount
  • Narrowboat Services - 10% discount
  • RoadPro - 5% discount
  • UK Boat Hire - 15% discount on 2012 holidays
  • UltimateBerths.com - Free Listing
  • Willowbridge Marina - 10% discount on chandlery purchases and services in the yard
  • Worcester Marine Windows Ltd - 5% discount

Please note: All discounts and offers are entirely at the organisers' discretion.

To see details of how to take advantage of these offers, please go to www.waterways.org.uk/support_us/members_area/member_discounts_special_offers_public

For IWA members that receive a hard copy of this bulletin in the post, please contact the membership team on 01494 783453 for the details of the offers.


Upcoming Work Parties

Please see below for a list of canal restoration and clean-up events.

3rd - 5th February - Wendover Arm (Essex WRG)
Contact: Frank Wallder naymenachur@talktalk.net

3rd - 5th February - Monmouthshire and Brecon Canal(London WRG)
Details: London WRG dig on the Monmouthshire and Brecon Canal.
Contact: london@wrg.org.uk

12th February - Tree Planting at Rugeley (IWA Lichfield Branch)
Details: A joint event with Rugeley Lions to replant gaps in the towpath hedge. Lots of helpers needed to plant 420 saplings donated by The Woodland Trust. All equipment provided, but bring a favourite spade if you prefer. Strong footwear essential. Meet canalside by Bridge 66, Leathermill Lane, Rugeley, WS15 2HN. 10.00 am to about 12.30 pm. 
Contact: Margaret Beardsmore on 07581 794111 or email margaret.beardsmore@waterways.org.uk   

To advertise your upcoming cleanup/restoration events in the bulletin please add details to IWA's events calendar www.waterways.org.uk/iwa_calendar/


Upcoming Towpath Walks

5th February - Bow Back Rivers, London (London Walks)
Bow Back Rivers & 2012 Games London. Meet at Bromley–by-Bow Station. Cost is £8 Concessionary and student rate is £6.
Contact: Peter Finch: 020 8969 9941, sailor1057@aol.com

5th February - Boddington Reservoir (IWA Warwickshire Branch)
Details: A short walk around Boddington reservoir. The walk is expected to last about 90 minutes and you are advised to wear boots when the recent weather may have made the footpaths muddy.
Contact: info.warwickshire@waterways.org.uk

To advertise your towpath walks in the bulletin please add details to IWA's events calendar http://www.waterways.org.uk/iwa_calendar/


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IWA Head Office, Island House, Moor Road, Chesham, HP5 1WA

01494 783 453


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