2011 IWA News

Canal & River Trust Update 23rd December 2011
Safety Concern over Olympics Closure of Lock 22nd December 2011
Boater Reps for Canal & River Trust Council 19th December 2011
The Waterways Group Questions the Minister 14th December 2011
Basingstoke Canal Bedser Bridge Campaign 12th December 2011
IWA Lichfield Branch Work Party 5th December 2011
IWA’s Parliamentary Campaign for CRT Funding 2nd December 2011
IWA Call to Arms Campaign Update 2nd December 2011
Minister to Account to APPWG 2nd December 2011
IWA Lichfield Branch Litter Pick at Rugeley 23rd November 2011
Minister to Attend Waterways Group Hearing 15th November 2011
IWA Sees Interim Role for IWAC 14th November 2011
Lee & Stort Branch Clean Up The River Stort 14th November 2011
Milton Keynes Branch Clean Up Grand Union 14th November 2011
IWA Issues 'Call to Arms' over Funding 2nd November 2011
IWA Issues on Powers to be Given to the CRT 26th October 2011
Derby and Sandiacre Restoration 24th October 2011
Waterborne Freight on the River Trent24th October 2011
IWA at Labour and Conservative Conferences 17th October 2011
Environment Agency News Update - 17th October 2011
EA Waterways Under Threat - Welches Dam - 17th October 2011
BW Continuous Mooring Guidance Updated - 17th October 2011
Festival PR Campaign Award Recognition - 17th October 2011
IWA Funding Message to Leading Politicians 27th September 2011
IWA's response to the NPPF Consultation 27th September 2011
BW Urges Boaters to Plan Ahead for Olympics 27th September 2011
IWA Campaigns to Fill £40m Funding Gap 21st September 2011
Join IWA for the Queen's Jubilee Flotilla 21st September 2011
Red Diesel – Update 16th September 2011
Sponsored IWAlk along the Montgomery Canal 30th August 2011
Red Diesel - Infringement Proceedings 24th August 2011
Government proposal to abolish IWAC 24th August 2011
New IWA Website Developments Launched 16th August 2011
The NWC – Westminster Activity Update 11th August 2011
Proposals to abandon safeguarding Swansea Canal -11th August 2011
Local Government  Engagement 10th August 2011
Work starts on the Inglesham Lock 10th August 2011
Sunshine and Success for The Waterways Festival 1 August 2011
IWA Responds to HS2 Consultation 26 July 2011
Illuminated Boat Procession by Moonlight 26 July 2011
Former High Sheriff to Launch Exhibition at Festival 26 July 2011
Two of Britain’s Finest Actors to Attend Festival 22 July 2011
IWA 2010 - 2011 Annual Review and Reports 21 July 2011
PWG tells Minister ‘more money needed for NWC’ 18 July 2011
Ponty Paddle on the Swansea Canal15 July 2011
Work starts on Staveley Town Lock 12 July 2011
Local Support for Wey & Arun Canal Trust Project 11 July 2011
Droitwich Canals Finally 'Open for Business' 5 July 2011
School Children Create Art from Rubbish for Festival 5 July 2011
New Award Categories Announced for Festival 5 July 2011
WRG Summer Canal Camps have begun! 27 June 2011
Worldwide Radio at The Waterways Festival 27 June 2011
IWA Submits Response to Government Consultation 14 June 2011
Parliamentary Group Discuss Financing NWC 8 June 2011
Sharon Linacre Runs Chester Half Marathon For IWA  26 May 2011
The Waterways Festival Launches Craft Workshops 25 May 2011
Rugeley Volunteers Improve Canal Aqueduct Area 24 May 2011
IWA National Campaign Rally Success in Northampton 18 May 2011
Record Number of Historic Narrow Boats at Festival 16 May 2011
Milton Keynes Mural Refurbishment Completed 16 May 2011
All Party Parliamentary Waterways Group MPs look into Governance of NWC 11 May 2011
Over 140 Boats at Canalway Cavalcade 6 May 2011
NWC 'Good Idea But Not Enough Money on the Table' 28 April 2011
IWA Draft Response Lee & Stort Mooring Consultation 28 April 2011
IWA Concerns Over Impact of HS2 Rail Programme 28 April 2011
Parliamentary Waterways Group Meeting: 27 April 2011
Local MP helps Chester Branch Lock Wind 26 April 2011
BCN Cleanup Success 21 April 2011
Award for Rugeley Volunteers 18 April 2011
Record Canal Clean-up at Milton Keynes 5 April 2011
BW Prepared to Consider Overcrowding an Issue 1 April 2011
Defra Consultation on New Charity for Waterways 1 April 2011
Local Mooring Strategy for Lee & Stort 11 March 2011
Cross Party Support for NWC 9 March 2011
IWA Welcomes Progress on EA Waterways Merger 4 March 2011
IWA Meet minister Over NWC 'Concerns' 18 February 2011
IWA and BW Meet to Discuss Boating Policy 18 February 2011
Benwick Mooring Donation 24 January 2011
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