White is the New Red – WRG Volunteers Restore Historic Bridge on the Grand Union Canal

Issue date: 5th August 2013 

Lady Capel’s Bridge (Number 163) on the Grand Union Canal is a grade 2 listed bridge that was in desperate need of repairs and repainting. Over the past two weeks, ten dedicated volunteers from IWA’s Waterway Recovery Group took up the challenge and set about restoring the bridge. Firstly, staff from Canal & River Trust removed the damaged paintwork allowing WRG volunteers to repoint and repaint the exposed brickwork. The volunteers then spent three days applying a breathable white paint to the bridge returning it to its former glory. WRG was happy to help restore the bridge in Watford as part of the Waterways Festival’s celebration of the Grand Union Canal and thoroughly enjoyed speaking to passing walkers, boaters and cyclists about the work and WRG’s involvement in canal restoration.

This project continues to demonstrate the real benefits that volunteers bring to the waterways and highlights the importance of working in partnership with Canal & River Trust to help maintain our canals. Visit the WRG gallery to see photos of the volunteers in action.