Access to Bow Back Loop – Update

Issue date: 16th August 2013

The latest information from Lower Lea Valley & Olympics suggests that the re-opening of both the Bow Back River and City Mill River could now not happen until 2015.

The cofferdam in City Mill River is to remain in place until some time in the latter half of 2015 due to delays in the Crossrail works. The booms across the Bow Back River are still needed to provide security to the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, prevent unauthorised mooring on the Bow Back River and prevent boaters from reaching a dead-end with no safe place to turn around. Unauthorised passage through City Mill Lock is also currently prohibited to stop boats from freely navigating into the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

The booms across the Bow Back River will remain in place until London Legacy Development Committee (LLDC) and Canal & River Trust agree to their removal. These waterways should be back in CRT control by no later than 1st January 2015. Early access for boaters is being negotiated with LLDC but depends upon the area being safe to boat in and the ability to implement navigation protocols for Waterworks River as this is a flood channel.