APPWG Inquiry into Waterway Partnerships

Issue date: 28th January 2013

All Party Parliamentary Group for Waterways will be holding an inquiry into the Waterway Partnerships on 29th January 2013.

In its plans for “A New Era for the Waterways” published in March 2011 the Government proposed that new Canal & River Trust Waterways Partnerships be established in each of the managed waterways areas as part of the new governance arrangements for the Canal and River Trust (CRT). The Government also set out the aims and structure for the Waterways Partnerships.

The Inquiry is to focus on three terms of reference.

  • To understand the aims and progress of the CRT Waterways Partnerships to date.
  • How they are developing relationships with Local Authorities (LAs), Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) and engaging with the community.
  • To understand the future aims of Waterways Partnerships.

See documents:

Briefing Note for the Inquiry into the Waterway Partnerships

Agenda for the Inquiry into the Waterway Partnerships