APPWG Waterway Partnerships Enquiry

Issue date: 5th February 2013

The first two sessions of evidence for the All Party Parliamentary Group for the Waterways inquiry into Canal & River Trust Waterway Partnerships were held on Tuesday 29th January.

It is envisaged that at least one further meeting will be held for evidence, scheduled for Tuesday the 26th February, details to follow once the witnesses to appear have been confirmed.

A further provisional date for evidence is Tuesday 19th March, should it be needed.

The committee is keen to know of stakeholders’ issues and concerns relating to the Partnerships, to better inform its inquiry and requests written submissions from interested organisations for consideration by the committee.

Please forward these to James Yearsley APPGW Secretariat (hosted by IWA)

A short report or communiqué of the findings and recommendations of the inquiry will be compiled and presented to the Minister in due course by the co-chairs Sir Tony Baldry and Huw Irranca-Davies, joint chairmen of the Parliamentary Group.

See documents:

Briefing Note for the Inquiry into the Waterway Partnerships

Agenda for the Inquiry into the Waterway Partnerships