Boat Engines Survey – Research on Emissions

Issue date: 16th May 2013

In today’s more environmentally conscious world everyone is being scrutinised for their emissions of greenhouse gases and other atmospheric pollutants. In recent years the shipping and boating industry as a whole has come under scrutiny for its emissions of pollutants that affect both human health and the climate. This has led to a range of regulations (UK and European) that, at present, apply predominantly to the large-scale commercial shipping sector, but have already started to filter through to parts of the recreational and small commercial watercraft sectors.
Researchers at the University of Southampton are working to develop a detailed picture of the real levels of atmospheric pollution caused by the recreational and small commercial watercraft of the UK. In doing so, they hope to provide an insight to the carbon-efficiency of these boats, and this in turn will help with accurate information as to how much existing and future regulations are justified. IWA, British Marine Federation and the Royal Yachting Association are therefore working with the University of Southampton to support the gathering of accurate data.  This in turn will help us campaign for effective, fair and affordable environmental regulations, rather than what European bureaucrats might think best.
The inland waterways of the UK are important for both recreation and freight transport, and their inclusion in this research is vital. It will be necessary to collect some key information from inland waterway users like you, about the boats currently in use on the UK’s inland waterways. If you have a boat, please help with this project by clicking on the link below and taking the University of Southampton’s short online survey. The questionnaire should take around 10 to 15 minutes at most to complete and will make a huge contribution to this project.  The results are being fully shared with IWA.
Click here to take the survey