Boat Safety Scheme Carbon Monoxide Brochures

Issue date: 7th January 2013

IWA Warwickshire Branch has now received (and as of today 80% distributed) some 2,000 copies of a new brochure on Carbon Monoxide from the Boat Safety Scheme (BSS).

The leaflet highlights the fatal consequences that arise when boaters stoke up their fires, and stop up the draughts that they can create.

IWA Warwickshire Branch is encouraging other branches to order and distribute leaflets to boaters in their area, particularly to those that are 'hard to get to' for example those that don't normally reside in marinas. This is a good opportunity to get to know the marinas, boatyards, towpath-communities and individual boaters in your area, but also to make all our waterways a safer place to be.

The brochures are freely available directly from BSS in multiples of (boxes of) 400 - and BSS can arrange single delivery drops into respective IWA Branch areas.

Once branches have determined how many they can confidently distribute (please don't 'over-order'), then please contact Graham Watts at the BSS Office in Milton Keynes. Email or phone 0333 202 1000. Please copy for info.

See also: Revised BSS Examination Checking Procedures