Boaters Rally to the Lapal Canal Project

Issue date: 16th May 2013

The campaign towards restoration of the Dudley No 2 Canal in Selly Oak, received additional impetus when a selection of traditional and modern narrow boats rallied together along the Worcester & Birmingham Canal on Saturday 11th May.

Hosted by Lapal Canal Trust, the event had been called at short notice to highlight a range of omissions and contradictions in the Plans which Harvest (for Sainsbury's and Land Securities) had recently submitted to the Planning Committee of Birmingham City Council.

Amongst the many failings identified by Lapal Canal Trust, working in close conjunction with the local residents' liaison group CP4SO, is their reversion to a green walkway around the southern edge of their site at Battery Park with the loose intention that it might be converted into a canal at a later date.

In small groups, boaters and local residents were taken along the adjoining Selly Oak Park section of the former canal channel to see for themselves the huge potential for restoration and rejuvenation of this splendid parkland section.

IWA is supporting the campaign and opposes the move by Harvest. See more information about the campaign.