BW Continuous Mooring Guidance Updated

Issue date: 17th October 2011

British Waterways has published an update to the 2004 ‘mooring guidance for continuous cruisers’; guidance for boats without a home mooring.

The updated guidance reflects the judgment in the case of British Waterways v Davies in which the Court found that moving up and down within a 10 mile stretch of the Kennet & Avon Canal with no home mooring did not amount to bona fide navigation. The new, shorter, guidance explains what is meant by bona fide navigation and seeks to clarify the nature of the movement that must take place.

The guidance is a schedule of the licence terms and conditions which have been updated accordingly. For more information please go to

IWA supports the document, IWA's policy is as follows:

  1. IWA supports live-aboards
  2. IWA supports continuous cruising
  3. IWA recognises the issues caused by live-aboards congregating in a confined geographical area
  4. IWA recognises that this in the main has been caused by BW laxness in enforcement.
  5. IWA recognises that transitional arrangements to resolve such issues are necessary.