Cabinet Office Announcement 10 October 2010 BW future decided -

Issue date: 14 october 2010

Cabinet Office Announcement 14 October 2010

Defra     British Waterways     No longer a Public Corporation - Abolish as a public corporation in England and Wales and create a new waterways charity – similar to a National Trust for the waterways
Defra     Broads Authority     Retain - Retain on grounds of performing a technical function which should remain independent of Government; but review governance and increase accountability
Defra     Environment Agency     Retain and substantially reform - Reform through structural, process and cultural change to become a more efficient and customer focused organisation; and clarify accountabilities. Further announcements after the spending review. The Environment Agency in Wales may move to form part of a WAG Environmental Body.
Defra     Inland Waterways Advisory Council     No longer an NDPB - Abolish body and functions, as previously announced

Defra     Internal Drainage Boards (x 160)     Retain and substantially reform - Improve efficiency and accountability, amend functions, and increase the involvement of local communities

IWA Press statement

BW Open letter to Stakeholders