Caldon Canal Milepost Painting

Issue date: 3rd September 2013 

Following on from work parties earlier in the year, volunteers have been continuing to paint the mileposts on the Caldon Canal. The work is being carried out ahead of next year’s anniversary celebrations, 40 years since the re-opening of the Caldon Canal in 1974.

Some of the mileposts are the original Trent & Mersey Canal Company (original proprietors of the Caldon Canal) mileposts, whilst others are the replacement replicas which were installed in the 1980s by the then Caldon Canal Society.

Earlier in the year, volunteers from IWA North Staffordshire & South Cheshire Branch and Caldon & Uttoxeter Canals Trust painted all the mileposts between Etruria Junction and Hazelhurst Junction. 

During July and August, two of the volunteers, Philip and Philippa Balfour, took on the challenge of painting the rest of the mileposts along the Caldon Canal, from Denford to Froghall.  They carried out the painting over four separate days, and travelled by bicycle from one milepost to the next. 

As a result, the mileposts are all looking fresh in their black and white paint, ready for next year’s celebrations. 

Photo: Philip and Philippa painting the milepost in Cheddleton.