Controversy over London Moorings

Issue date: 12th August 2012

Following recent IWA calls for Canal & River Trust to take firm action over 'continuous moorers' (boat owners without a permanent mooring who moor continuously in a single area without paying any mooring fees), the situation on the Regent's Canal has hit the headlines of the local press

At a meeting of 5th September with Friends of the Regent's Canal, Canal & River Trust is said to have put forward proposals for convert some current visitor moorings, which are frequently occupied by continuous moorers, into permanent luxury moorings.  This has provoked protest from some local interests who believe there are better ways of managing the situation. 

IWA believes that Canal & River Trust needs to take a firm line in ensuring that all moorers abide by the rules for moorings, and that the current abuse must be addressed, rather than the apparent current 'free for all'. 

London's waterways have gained useful good publicity in recent months, and IWA's volunteers have been at the forefront of assisting visitors to have the best possible experience. Throughout the Olympics and Paralympics period, IWA Festivals' team has been looking after moorings along the Regent's Canal and in the Olympic area.