EA/CAM Conservators Reciprocal Agreement

Issue date: 19th November 2012

There continues to be disquiet in boating circles at the extent for the current charges to access the river Cam, following the changes to the Environment Agency's reciprocal agreement last year.

The Cam Conservators are unable by law to issue a day or short term licence and can currently only grant annual licences. Under the revised EA reciprocal agreement a 10% surcharge is made to the EA annual licence to permit navigation on the Cam. As a result this makes it the most expensive stretch of water to navigate typically resulting in an additional £40 to travel through one lock and 7 miles. The situation is much worse for CRT licence holders who choose to purchase a Gold Licence to navigate EA waters for the year. The 10% surcharge is applied to the whole of the Gold Licence not just the EA component. The result may be in the order of an additional £110 to gain access.

IWA has arranged a meeting with the Cam Conservators and will seeking to find a better solution to the licence fees for short term visitors.