HS2 Consultations Announced

Issue date: 4th June 2013

Two new consultations on the HS2 high speed rail proposals were announced on 16th May, on the Phase One Draft Environmental Statement and on the Design Refinement document.
The Design Refinement Consultation document proposes 14 design ‘refinements’ to the Phase 1 route between London and Lichfield, and several of these affect the previously announced canal crossings.

An analysis of the documents can be found in IWA Lichfield Branch's section of the website.

IWA has issued a draft response to the HS2 Draft Environmental Statement.

All the consultation documents can be seen and downloaded from www.hs2.org.uk. Both consultations run until 11th July 2013.

IWA will be submitting a response to each consultation and is currently working on these.  If members have any specific points in either of the consultations that concern them could they please address them to hs2@waterways.org.uk

IWA’s internal consultation on HS2 phase 2 closed on 31st May and the information provided by branches will be included for in IWA’s responses to the HS2 consultations where they are most relevant.  Thank you to all those branches who contributed.