Inland Waterways Advisory Council Reports

19th November 2012

The government's advisory body on inland waterways, The Inland Waterways Advisory Council (IWAC), was abolished on 2nd July 2012 following an initial announcement in July 2010.  Before its demise, IWAC authorised IWA to publish any of IWAC's works so that its reports and research was not lost to the benefit of the inland waterways community.  A selection of IWAC's recent reports are now available on the IWA website. Further reports will be added shortly.

IWAC was first formed under the 1968 Transport Act as the Inland Waterways Amenity Advisory Council, solely covering the inland waterways managed by the then British Waterways.  It was reformed as The Inland Waterways Advisory Council in April 2007 under the Natural Environment and Communities Act 2006, covering all inland waterways in England and Wales and the waterways then managed by British Waterways in Scotland.