BW Third Sector

Issue date: 5 May 2010

IWA has been in discussion with BW senior management over IWA’s ongoing concerns for the third sector proposals notwithstanding general support in principal; notably the current unresolved issues surrounding the need for secure long term funding; and also the need to ensure that stakeholders are fully involved and consulted on the development of the governance model, to ensure that the new organisation is both simple, efficient and properly customer focussed and engaged with its key stakeholders on both strategic and day to day management issues at a national and regional level. IWA has suggested that BW should organise stakeholder workshops to properly bottom-out concerns and ideas to aid this process.

Following the budget statement and government’s proposals to mutualise BW; IWA has contacted Defra seeking clarification of what detail any such proposals might entail. Defra has confirmed to IWA that they propose to hold a stakeholder meeting post-election to expand upon the budget statement including a review of the issues presented to Defra on this matter by IWA.