IWA Calls For Action On 'Continuous Moorers'

Issue date: 28th August 2012

With the successful launch of Canal & River Trust, IWA has been reviewing its campaigning priorities. Whilst inclusion of the Environment Agency's navigations within CRT remains the top priority the issue of so called 'continuous moorers' is fast climbing IWA's priority action list.

IWA is very supportive of those who wish to live aboard their boat, and indeed for those genuine continuous cruisers who travel the system in a progressive journey. However problems are caused when large numbers of live-aboard boaters without a home mooring wish, for whatever reason, to stay within a narrow geographic area. The problems had been exacerbated by years of enforcement neglect by British Waterways.

A recent survey by BW indicated that over a six-month period around 1000 boats without a home mooring did not move more than 5km and a further 1000 boats not more than 10km.

The situation in the London area and also at the west end of the Kennet & Avon canal is acute. IWA has now raised its concerns at the highest level within CRT. At a recent meeting with Sally Ash (CRT Head of Boating) these concerns were explored in detail together with her plans to tackle the situation. IWA is not alone in having concerns with other organisations, including the trade, demanding action.

See map of hotspots by CRT