IWA Chiltern Branch Balsam Bash at Marsworth

Issue date: 5th August 2013

Last year IWA Chiltern Branch climbed into the side ponds by Marsworth locks and pulled up and removed from site all of the Himalayan Balsam. Other branches across the country also removed Himalayan Balsam from their areas and on going back this year found that, although still there, the quantity of Himalayan Balsam was well reduced. This was not the case for IWA Chiltern Branch who, on their return on 24th July, found the plant to be completely absent from the area, highlighting just how successful the removal of this plant can be in capping its spread.

Despite there being no Himalayan Balsam the volunteers weren't short of work to do, climbing down into the side ponds they removed other invasive plants so that our native species could thrive and create a diverse habitat.

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