IWA Co-ordinates HS2 Campaign

Issue Date: 16th April 2013

IWA is putting together a working group to co-ordinate a campaign to modify and improve the alignment of  HS2 route where it adversely impacts on  the inland waterways - both for existing navigable waterways, and for waterways under restoration.  The Association will shortly be consulting with all IWA branches - even those branches a long way from the rail route have members who go boating in affected areas.
Phase 2 of the route affects the Ashby Canal, the Chesterfield Canal and the Barnsley Canal restoration schemes.  IWA is working with representatives from the restoration groups affected by  phase 2 of the HS2 route as well as with Canal & River Trust and other waterways interests.  Other navigation authorities impacted by the scheme include the Manchester Ship Canal Company and Derbyshire County Council.  This IWA-led initiative will seek to work with HS2 Ltd to resolve all the waterway related issues that will affect both navigable and restorable waterways within phase 2.
From south to north HS2 phase 2 crosses the existing waterway network as follows: -
Manchester Line   

  • Trent & Mersey Canal, at Fradley (a couple of hundred yards east of the phase 1 double crossing around Wood End Lock)
  • Trent & Mersey Canal, just north of Great Haywood
  • Shropshire Union Canal -  Middlewich Branch, at Clive Green
  • Trent & Mersey Canal, at Bostock Hall
  • Bridgewater Canal, at Little Bollington
  • Manchester Ship Canal, at Partlington

Leeds Line

  • Coventry Canal, at Pooley Hall (parallel to M42)
  • River Soar Navigation, at Radcliffe on Soar
  • River Trent (Cranfleet Cut), at Long Eaton
  • Erewash Canal, at Sandiacre
  • Erewash Canal, at Stanton Gate (1/2 mile north of the Sandiacre crossing)
  • Sheffield and South Yorkshire Navigation, at Tinsley (parallel to M1)
  • Aire and Calder Navigation, at Normanton
  • Aire and Calder Navigation, at Woodlesford (Leeds main line)
  • Aire and Calder Navigation, at Woodlesford (York spur line)

In addition to the crossings, there are several locations where the proposed line of the railway would run parallel to the waterway corridor and there are concerns about the potential noise effect on the adjacent waterways.  These areas include: -

  • Birmingham & Fazeley Canal, at Curdworth (albeit divided from it by a noisy M42)
  • Trent & Mersey Canal, in parts of the Stone/Stafford/Rugeley Corridor
  • Erewash Canal, in the Stapleford and Sandicare area
  • Aire and Calder Navigation, in the Woodlesford area (Leeds Branch line)

The working group plans to publish a formal response in time for the public consultation later this year. IWA will seeking contributions from all waterways interests.
In the meantime discussions regarding the two major concerns on phase 1 are on-going.  The first issue is the sizeable bridge required over the Digbeth Branch of the Birmingham Canal Navigations, where the railway is planned to enter the new Curzon Street station. Various design options are being considered. The second relates to the proposed double crossing of the Trent and Mersey Canal either side of Woodend Lock. There are concerns that the line will damage the tranquil environment that the listed lock and house presently enjoy.