IWA Consultation on HS2 Phase 1 Draft Environmental Statement

Issue date: 18th June 2013

HS2 Ltd published two consultations on 16th May 2013; both close on 11th July.

Both consultations relate to the impact of HS2’s Phase 1 route from London Euston to Birmingham. The consultations also include a connection going north beyond Birmingham back into the existing West Coast Main Line, and two short ‘spurs’ to provide future connections to the next phase of HS2, running on to Leeds and to Manchester.

The consultations cover two areas. Firstly, a ‘Design Refinement’ consultation on some specific changes to the previously published (January 2012) route as a result of feedback, or engineering issues. Secondly, a draft Environmental Statement which covers the route in more detail, outlining its impact on the natural and built environment and in some cases the options considered in arriving at the current route. The second consultation includes the route changes outlined in the first one.

IWA is preparing a draft response to the consultation on the Environmental Statement, based on the impact that the route is likely to have on the waterways it passes close to, crosses over or otherwise impacts. We are interested in any comments you might have or want to make, and would like us to take into account.

To help you make these comments, we have prepared a summary of the draft Environmental Statement documents, along with draft notes for formulate IWA's response to the consultation.

We would be pleased to receive any feedback you would like to add to IWA’s proposed response, or any other parts of the document, ideally by email to hs2comments@waterways.org.uk heading your email ‘Draft ES Consultation’, or you can otherwise contact Gren Messham, who is putting together the response, via IWA Head Office.

Please submit comments by 12 noon on Friday 28th June, after which IWA's response to the consultation will be finalised for signing off by the National Chairman.