Cressy Cruise Re-enactment

Issue date: 23 march 2010

Departing from the historic Tooleys Boat Yard in Banbury, narrowboatHeron,  owned & crewed by IWA stalwarts Ron & Mary Heritage, will be joined by others as it retraces Tom Rolt’s 1939/40 cruise around England’s canal network, which led to the publication of his hugely influential book 'Narrow Boat'.


Visiting many towns, villages and festivals along the way, the cruise will finish at the Inland Waterway Association’s National Festivalat Beale Park on the River Thames in August.

Towpath and boating visitors are welcome along the way. Narrowboat Heronwill have a tracking device on board so you can follow its progress on the Inland Waterways Association’s website.

Ron and Mary say that “any help through the dozens of locks along the way will be much appreciated!” more...