IWA Encourages Waterways Restoration Groups to Record Volunteer Time

Issue date: 16th January 2013

The creation of Canal & River Trust has helped raise profile of volunteers considerably. Volunteers are making contributions in all aspects of waterway management and restoration. Recently published figures show that numbers are on the increase year on year.

Most funding agencies require applicants to make a contribution towards their project costs. This contribution can sometimes be in the form of volunteer-time expended on the scheme. As well as time spent on practical work, it can also include time spent on more diverse work, such as historical research and meetings.

IWA irecommends that waterway restoration groups should accurately record volunteer hours, even if there is no plan to make a funding bid within the foreseeable future. New funding opportunities may arise and having the information available will support applications.

The rates used by different funding agencies to value volunteer work vary, however the following rates, suggested by the Heritage Lottery Fund, could help with costing up a project: -

  • professional services – up to £350 a day
  • skilled labour - £150 a day
  • unskilled labour - £50 a day