IWA Gives Grant to Wey & Arun Trust

Issue date: 7 September 2010

The Wey & Arun Canal has been awarded two grants from IWA.

Paul Roper, IWA South-East Regional Chairman recently presented a cheque for £4,000 to the Wey & Arun Canal Trust  as a contribution towards restoring a section of the summit level near Dunsfold in Surrey. The cheque was received by members of the trust's mid-week working party, who have been carrying out clearance and maintenance work at this location.

The section of canal near the Three Compasses Inn is known as the Dunsfold cutting and is thought to be the most significant piece of heavy engineering along the canal route, and consequently the source of much anguish for the original builders.

Between Compasses Bridge and the A281 at Fast Bridge, the canal is already navigable (although shallow in places) and has hosted an annual Small Boats Rally for the past few years. To the south of Compasses Bridge, as far as Tickner’s Heath Road, the canal route is clear of blockages after the trust removed two causeways during the 1990s, but is heavily silted.

A further grant, of £2,000, has been additionally agreed by IWA’s Restoration Committee. This will assist with funding preliminary studies on the northern section of the canal route, in the Shalford and Bramley area, where the former canal joins the River Wey. The study work includes a Flood Risk Assessment, which is now being carried out for WACT by specialist consulting engineers Water Environment Ltd of Wimbledon.