Changes to boat licence fees 2010

Issue date: 11 June 2010

British Waterways has announced that from August 2010 an across-the-board increase in all licence fees of 1% will take effect.

This change replaces the proposal to reduce the size of the prompt payment discount which, following lobbying by IWA and other user groups has been seen to be unfair to those customers who pay on time and in IWAs opinion likely to encourage un-licensed boats. The prompt payment discount has therefore been saved and will remain at 10%.

IWA was also concerned to ensure that BW‘s continued development of the internet for transactions didnt disafdvantage non-internet customers. IWA is pleased that its representations relating to the possible loss of agency fees for Boat clubs renewing licences en-block are being further considered by BW and welcome the announcement that they are to consult with boat clubs and local licensing agents over a new method of reward for their continuing support of licence enforcement, in an environment where renewals are conducted online.

IWA's lobbying to retain the explorer licence had effect although from 2011, the Waterway Explorer Licence will be available only when purchased using the online system or by telephone to BW’s  national customer service team.

It is accepted that from August 2010 a fixed charge of £7.50 will be introduced on payments for licences and mooring permits settled by credit card. The charge will only apply to payments by credit card, which are expensive to process, and not debit cards.