IWA Middlesex Branch Objects to Unsympathetic Refurbishment of Toll House

Issue date: 16th August 2013

Canal & River Trust has sold the Toll House by the Grand Union Canal at Bulls Bridge Road, Southall along with adjoining land.

A condition of the sale was the refurbishment of the Toll House. The new owner is a haulage contractor and plans to use the refurbished building for his business offices. The other buildings on site are to be demolished and the yard used for vehicle and materials storage.

CRT has retained the strip of land next to the canal, so that it can use this area for moorings. 

IWA Middlesex Branch objected to the planning application for these works on the grounds of insufficient information, inappropriate materials and other technical issues.

The application remains undecided but work on the Toll House has continued. At a recent visit it was found that the entire original timber roof structure had been removed and replaced by a higher roof of flat roof construction with steep mansard sides. This would seem an attempt to provide an additional floor of accommodation. It was noted than an existing chimney stack had also been demolished.  All of this work has proceeded without planning permission and bears no resemblance to the application drawings.

IWA Middlesex Branch has been advised by the local authority that a stop notice has already been served by Hillingdon Borough Council on the owners of the site.