IWA Northampton Branch Task Party - 18th August 2013

Issue date: 3rd September 2013

IWA Northampton Branch held a Task Party on 18th August 2013 at Lock 17 on the Northampton Branch of the Grand Union Canal.

This year, the Branch adopted a 4¾ mile stretch of the Northampton Arm of the Grand Union Canal, as part of Canal & River Trust's adoption scheme, and is believed to be the largest canal adoption in the country.

The work carried out included strimming and general vegetation clearance, and the landing below the lock was lengthened revealing a bollard, long buried under three foot high overgrowth. Boats up to 70 foot are now able to land crew easily rather than just 40 foot previously. Shrubs and trees adjoining the lock landing were cut back to create an improved margin depth along the length of the landing and improve access to the lock.

Floating debris and weed was also removed above the lock; and litter picking, edging and weed clearance was undertaken.  It was good to see the paintwork completed at the first task party at the lock a month earlier, still looking bright and shiny.