IWA Re-states its Vision and Role

Issue date: 12th September 2012

In anticipation of the formation of Canal & River Trust; IWA's trustees and branches spent time reconsidering IWA’s role and what we ‘stand for’. A draft was prepared and circulated to all branches for detailed consideration and responses were used to formulate a detailed document that was issued to all members as part of IWA's Annual Review. It was universally agreed that IWA’s role remained fundamentally unchanged, and that there was still an overriding need to represent all waterway users including those on CRT waters. It was also acknowledged that whilst CRT managed waters are substantial they do not comprise the majority of all inland waterways and IWA considers that it needs to retain a campaign interest ‘nationally’ .

Our Vision

The Inland Waterways Association’s vision continues to see a widely-appreciated and well-maintained network of inland waterways available for the benefit of all.

Towards this aim we will continue to:

Advocate the conservation, restoration, good maintenance and sensitive development of the inland waterways of England and Wales, including the structures and buildings of the waterways that are an integral part of the waterway environment.

Encourage the fullest use of the inland waterways for recreation and commerce in so far as that is commensurate with the enjoyment of others.

Seek to educate everyone about the use, benefits and heritage of the inland waterways by means of publications, practical examples and participative activities.

This is what we mean in practice...