IWA Sees Interim Role for IWAC

Issue date: 14th November 2011

IWA has submitted its representations to Defra concerning the proposed abolition of IWAC.

IWA believes that IWAC has fulfilled a valuable role with the independent view it has taken on matters affecting the inland waterways. It has said that it doubts whether any of the suggestions made by Defra for a continuation of the activities undertaken by IWAC will be as effective.

At the very least IWA considers that there should be a role for a skeleton IWAC through to 2014 so that Defra can engage its assistance over its review of the Canal & River Trust after two years of operation.

IWA has also raised the future of the restoration reports prepared by IWAC periodically. It has offered to undertake this role but would wish to discuss with Defra the support that IWA might attract so that it can fulfil this function and the status that would be afforded to the reports by both Defra and the HLF if they were prepared under the auspices of IWA.  

Read  the IWAC Abolition IWA Submission.